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Ron Hansen

Ron started his aviation career in 1963 as an avionics technician for Swiss American Aviation now known as Lear Jet. In 1970 he was hired by Cessna as an Avionics Technician at the Wallace Division. Ron was promoted to Supervisor at the Multi-Engine Delivery Center in late 1970 where his responsibility was to assure the airplanes were ready for final delivery to the Dealers and Distributors. It was here that he accumulated more than 1000 hrs of flight time delivering all models of the 300 and 400 series airplanes all over the US. Ron always wanted to sell airplanes and was given that opportunity in 1974 by K.C. Piper in Olathe, KS. in their Used Aircraft Sales Department. In the last 40 years he has accumulated more than 6000 Hrs. of flight time in many makes and models of single and multi-engine piston and turbine aircraft.
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